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News > INCBs Report Has Highlighted I.R of Irans Efforts in Drugs Control

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INCBs Report Has Highlighted I.R of Irans Efforts in Drugs Control

The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) examined the current world drug control's situation in the United Nations Member States in its annual report for 2018. In this report, the board highlighted some of Iran's recent efforts in the regionalization of its narcotics control strategy, making policies and action plans on health care, rehabilitation, and sheltering for those who were affected from drug related harms and also adopting preventing measures.

     The report says: "Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, through its competent authorities, continues to closely monitor the import, export, transit, manufacture and use of precursors. The Ministry of Health, as the regulatory body, and the Drug Control Headquarters, as the law enforcement agency, cooperate with each other to prevent the diversion of chemical precursors into illicit channels."

         The report has also mentioned Iran's international cooperation with UN related bodies and also INCB for combating drug related crimes. "The Government has also named focal points for Project Cohesion (international operations focusing on cocaine and heroin precursors) and its related communication platform, namely PICS. Those focal points have recently reported, through PICS, some cases related to precursor trafficking." The report added.

     Regarding services provided and steps taken for vulnerable people against drugs, the report says: "the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has also stepped up its efforts to provide specialized drug abuse prevention and treatment services to women".

The report added: "The Government has also developed its fourth strategic country programme on HIV/AIDS control (2015– 2019), in close collaboration with all relevant agencies. Preventive measures have been expanded among girls and women and pregnant women with HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, measures have been taken aimed at detecting HIV cases, expanding access to antiretroviral treatment and improving the medicine supply, distribution chain and the prevention and treatment of cases that are resistant to treatment."

      INCB is an independent and quasi-judicial control organ, established by treaty, for monitoring the implementation of the international drug control treaties. It had predecessors under the former drug control treaties as far back as the time of the League of Nations.

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