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News > Islamic Republic of Iran Statement

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Islamic Republic of Iran Statement

Islamic Republic of Iran Statement

Before The first resumed ninth session of the implementation review group

Vienna, 3-5 September 2018


In the Name of God

Thank you Mr. Chairman,


Distinguished Delegations,

I wish to congratulate you, Mr. Chairman, on your election to preside over this session. We reiterate our full cooperation during this important IRG meeting. I would also like to express my gratitude to the Secretariat for the timely preparation and circulation of the documentation.

Mr. Chairman,

Islamic Republic of Iran is currently undergoing his second cycle review on the implementation of chapters II on preventive measures and V on asset recovery. We have completed our final report and delivered it to the Secretariat. In this process we have tried to identify gaps and challenges. Meanwhile Islamic Republic of Iran and Bhutan are also reviewing Thailand. It's desk review is underway.  

Mr. Chairman;

Regarding both items 2 and 3 of the provisional agenda, Iran's law sets out preventive measures under the ambit of the following laws:

A: Anti-money laundering Act.

B: Anti-corruption and economic crime Act.

I would like to bring to your attention that the above mentioned laws establish a comprehensive legal and regulatory regime for combating money laundering through identification, tracing, freezing, seizure and confiscation of the proceeds of crime and combating corruption. In this connection, I wish to express some preventive measures that have been done in my country:

  • Islamic Republic of Iran by criminalizing money laundering and adoption of an Act and Implementing Regulations has tried to fight this phenomenon.These measures have been recognized positively as constructive practices in right direction. This Act provides regulations for cross border transfer. These regulations require any person intending to convey in or out of Iran money exceeding 10/000 Euro or its equivalent should declare at the port of entry or to a customs office. The electronic and payment systems rules and procedures by the central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran provide also a framework for transfer of funds between participating institutions.
  • The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran (CBI), as the regulator of all financial and credit institutions, is also obliged to provide the said institutions with the required infrastructures and to monitor their compliance with the rules and regulations. It's guidelines require institutions to ensure that information accompanying both domestic and cross border wire transfers should contain information, inter alia about the originator, originator's account number, beneficiary account number/unique transaction reference number to make tracing possible. Additional guidelines on large cash transactions also in place to give directions setting out limits on the maximum cash transaction amounts, customers can undertake.
  • Islamic republic of Iran has set up special anti-corruption and economic crimes division in the supreme court with professional judges to hear anti-corruption and economic crimes cases. This has heightened the speed conduct of matters that related to these cases. In this connection, judiciary system has constantly traced, investigated and detected corruption in different financial institutions. At the results of these efforts, some important cases have been brought to the courts and corrupted persons convicted to return stolen assets and proceeds of crime to the public fund.
  • Implementation of international financial reporting standards (IFRS) from the beginning of March 2016. On the Basis of IFRS, banks, insurance companies/Firms and financial institutions should regularly announce details of all their deals. Salaries and rewards of all managers and officials in banks, insurances and financial institutions must be clear.
  • Establishment of comprehensive data-base of all listed companies (CODAL) in the Stock. This system has been lead to more satisfaction in capital market. Paragraph 13 of the related regulations provides: all information regarding Firms in Stock will be published and customers with complete information could buy stocks and sell them.
  • Combating tax-evasion. Since 2015, Customs organization has amended some regulation in order to prevent possible illegal trade activities of firms.
  • In order to establish more cooperation and coordination with other countries in preventing and combating corruption several MOU have been signed between Iran's FIU and some of its counterparts. (Financial Intelligence Units)

Despite these endeavors and like other Jurisdictions, we continue to identify relevant information on successes, observations, best practices to counter possible challenges.  

Mr. Chairman,

We believe the progress realized in implementing chapter II and V within the past years especially during the second cycle review should be shared through the secretariat of the UNCAC. It could pave the way for and facilitate possible cooperation and collaboration among enforcement agencies.

In this regard, the secretariat may report the session of the progress that has been done during the second review cycle especially between June (ninth session) and September 2018 (resumed ninth session). It is clear that since beginning of the second review cycle of UNCAC the secretariat has received information on the implementation of Chapters II and V of the Convention, provided by States parties under review, (in last meeting six countries.) It could be, primarily, expected results of the second review cycle.   

Accumulating information, good experiences and best practices resulting from the second review cycle could lead to pave the way and facilitate bilateral and international cooperation for returning of stolen assets and proceeds of crime to the public funds. Keeping in mind that international cooperation and technical assistance are two main pillars in combating corruption and preventive, tracing, detecting and deterring in a more effective manner international transfer of illicitly acquired assets.

At the end, my delegation would likes to emphasize that both review mechanism and country visit have inter governmental nature. 

Thank you Mr. Chairman


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