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News > Statement by the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the 18th Session of the UNIDO General Conference

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Statement by the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the 18th Session of the UNIDO General Conference

In the Name of God The compassionate, the Merciful


Mr. President,

Empowerment is an active and multidimensional process which enables women to realize their full identity and powers in all spheres of life.The advancement of women is a global concern and requires a commensurate response at the world-wide level. The Islamic Republic of Iran earnestly believes in the significant role that women play towards achieving sustainable development, peace and prosperity.

We take note of the report of Director General under item 14 of this agenda and believe the Strategy for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, 2020–2023, should have been more transparent to member states on its process. We firmly believe that cultural diversity; sensitivities; different national realities, capacities, priorities, levels of development; domestic laws and regulations; religious believes; and cultural values should be duly respected while considering gender equality and empowerment of women, specifically in any future activities of UNIDO.


Mr. President,

While we are determined to improve and strengthen the role of women in sustainable development, we not only shall work more towards capacity building and allocation of adequate resources including through international cooperation, but also should work together to eliminate the challenges which women are facing from the actions and behavior of other countries. I would like to name illegal and inhumane sanctions which are affecting citizens in target countries as one of the most devastating in this regard.

Unilateral sanctions continue to be imposed and augmented by the United States on developing countries, including mine, with direct impact on women and girls. Access of this vulnerable group to healthcare services and medicine and their right to food and food security are particularly targeted through imposition of such indiscriminate illegal measures. Collective punishment of civilians in particular women, children and other vulnerable populations to secure political scores is appalling and flagrantly violates the Charter of the United Nations, international law including international humanitarian and human rights law.

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