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News > Acting Director General of the IAEA met Head of the International Atomic Energy Organization

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Acting Director General of the IAEA met Head of the International Atomic Energy Organization

Dr. Salehi told the reporters after the meeting that this is Mr. Feruta's first official visit as Acting Director of the IAEA to Iran and it is a good opportunity to extend cooperation. Dr. Salehi also stated that the parties had  good negotiations.

Referring to activities that have been reviewed at this meeting and pointing to the sensitivity of the situation and changes that occurred after the US withdrawal from the JCPOA, Dr. Salehi noticed that the current incidents have led to a negative impact on the P5 + 1 obligations.

Salehi criticized the role of the European Union (EU), which was supposed to act as replacement for the United States absence in  the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA), but unfortunately failed to deliver as promised, and acted even worse.

Dr. Salehi continued as follows: "Iran decided that the Deal was no longer a one-way road, it was going to be a two-way road, and if it was a one-way road, the Islamic Republic of Iran would make the right decisions at the right time."

Thus, "the action was taken in three steps," Dr. Salehi said, and expressed Iran's desire to have as extensive cooperation with the Agency as in the past and added that "as Deputy of Mr. Amano, the current Acting Director is highly specialized and familiar with the JCPoA, which can help a lot to continue good cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Agency."

Acting Director General of the IAEA, Mr. Cornel Fruta stated "the IAEA will continue to have an independent, impartial and professional approach and this will validate the Agency."  He added that "in this regard, the Agency is not affected by the pressures. The Agency, on the one hand, is tasked with verifying the implementation of the JCPoA, and on the other hand is actively engaged in the implementation of the Additional Protocol and the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement with Iran."

The IAEA is keen to continue cooperation with Iran, and we are ready to continue our work in a professional and impartial manner, he said and added that a meeting with Foreign Minister Zarif was also on his agenda during his official visit to Iran.

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