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News > Statement by the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the 18th Session of the UNIDO General Conference

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Statement by the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the 18th Session of the UNIDO General Conference

In the Name of GodThe compassionate, the Merciful


Mr. President,

At the outset, my delegation align itself with the statement delivered by the chair of G77 and China, and would like to add some supplementary points at its national capacity.My delegation takes note of the report of Director General of UNIDO, on the United Nations Development System reform, contained in document GC.18/6,which provides information on UNIDO's engagement with and positioning within the ongoing reform of the United Nations development system (UNDS).

We are of the view that since the United Nations reform aims to deliver effective support to countries for sustainable, equitable and accountable development, under national ownership and leadership, this reform process is of paramount importance for all Member States.

The recent report of the Director General GC.18/6 is a clear indication that UNIDO is a responsible part of the United Nations Development System Reform.

As previous discussion in this regard was an extensive consultation among member states of the United Nations and in this regard, 2019 marked the first year of implementation of the UNDS reform, it is expected within this process and trend, this engagement would be stronger and more transparent.

As an active member of the UNIDO, the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the Organization should support the reform in a way to implement its mandate more effectively, and in closer cooperation with member states, all relevant stakeholders and development partners, while ensuring the balanced approach in implementation of its mandate.

In this connection, we believe that the integration of UNIDO's four core functions via the management objective of integration and scale-up, enables the Organization to take a more holistic approach in its support to Member States. To that end, the Islamic republic of Iran emphasizes that all member states need more information and transparency on this imperative course and for that reason; we enquire the Secretariat to arrange regular information sharing as well as constant update briefings on the UNDS Reform progress.

        Finally, taking into account, the facing challenges by UNIDO, including the predictable impact of the repositioning of the United Nations development system on UNIDO, especially its financial situation, in the context of the forthcoming deliberations of the program and budgets for the biennium 2020-2021; and underscoring the prominence of making use of the opportunities of the repositioning of the United Nations development system, my delegation firmly believe that there is a pressing need for collaboration between Member States, Director General and Secretariat to work closely together to strengthen the central role of UNIDO in promoting inclusive and sustainable industrial development within the renewed architecture of the United Nations development system and to ensure that adequate resources are made available for this effort and that the highest necessary representation is made within the abovementioned fora.


I Thank you, Mr. President

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