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Department of Nationality, Refugees and Immigrants

1-Prosccessing all the applications for abandoning the nationality of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran; It is worthy of mentioning that the Iranian nationals are not permitted to leave their nationality unless under the following conditions : having reached complete 25 years of age; the Council of Ministers has authorized their abandoning of nationality; committing in advance that within one year from the date of abandoning the nationality will transfer their entire rights to the properties that are in their possession in Iran 0r might come in their possession according to the laws of heritage , although the Iranian laws might permit their possession by foreign nationals, in one way 0r another to Iranian nationals . The spouse and children of the person, who according to this Article is abandoning the nationality, whether minor 0r mature, will not lose their nationality other than that such has been authorized in the permit issued by the Council of Ministers and they have completed their military service.
2- Processing all the applications for acquiring the Nationality of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
3- Processing granting of Iranian nationality to those foreign women who are entering into Iranian nationality through marriage with the nationals of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
4- Processing the cases of Iranian women who receive foreign nationality, 0r such are imposed upon them, through marriage with foreign nationals.
5- Processing the applications to regain the original nationality by the Iranian women who have received the nationality of their spouses through marriage. It is worthy of mentioning that according to the article 987 of the Iranian Civil Law, the Iranian women marrying foreign nationals remain in their Iranian nationality other than that the nationality of the spouse are imposed upon them in accordance with laws of the spouses respective country. However, after the death of the spouse 0r divorce, by submitting an application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the endorsed certificate of death 0r the document of divorce, the Iranian nationality, with all the associated rights, is restored back to them.
6- Processing all the cases of restoring the original nationality of those foreign women who have acquired Iranian nationality through marriage and after the death 0r divorce apply for the restoration their original nationality. The foreign women, who according to the paragraph 6 of the article 976 of the Iranian civil law have been granted Iranian nationality through marriage with Iranian nationals, after divorce 0r the death of their Iranian husband may apply for restoration of their original nationality if they wish so. In such cases after receiving the relevant authorization from the respective government, they submit the filled application form to restore the original nationality to the Department of Nationality, Refugees and Immigrants. However it should be mentioned that in the `case of the death of husband if the woman has children less than 18 years of age, cannot apply for the restoration of the original nationality as long as the children have not reached the legal age.
7- Processing the applications for restoration of the original Iranian nationality by Iranians who, according to the relevant laws, have acquired foreign nationality. According to the article 990 of the Iranian civil laws, those Iranian who, by themselves 0r their fathers, have legally abandoned the nationality of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and wishing to restore their Iranian nationality may submit their application form to the Department of Nationality, Refugees and Immigrants.
8- Processing applications to remain in the fathers nationality (foreign), according to the paragraphs 4 and 5 of the article 976 of the Iranian civil law the persons that are born of foreign parents in Iran are considered Iranian nationals with this difference that according to paragraph 4 those infants that are born of foreign parents but one of them has been born in Iran are granted Iranian identification cards upon their birth but according to the paragraph 5 for the infants of foreign parents the certificate of birth are issued. These individuals upon reaching 18 years f age in case of wishing to acquire their fathers nationality should fill the application form to remain in the fathers nationality and send it to the Department of Nationality, Refugees and Immigrants via the General Department of Foreign Nationals affiliated to Police in Tehran 0r via relevant governor offices in their city of residence in Iran 0r via Iranian missions abroad.
9- Processing the applications of the individuals who lack creditable documents of Iranian identity but claim the nationality of the Government of Islamic Republic of Iran. The claimants of nationality are those themselves 0r their fathers have illegally exited the country some years back and have mostly taken residence in the southern littoral states in Persian Gulf and are applying for Iranian I.D Cards and passports.
10- Probing, investigating and establishing the true nationality of those Iranians who have illegally acquired foreign nationality.
11- Examining and analyzing constantly the law of nationality of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the view to present suitable recommendations to rectify the relevant laws and regulations.
12- Comparative examination of the laws and regulations pertaining to refugees in different countries of the world in connection with 1951 Geneva Convention which deals with refugees.
13- Receiving appeals for asylum and gathering necessary information regarding the applicants through cooperation and coordination with other relevant authorities with a view to take final decision and presenting suitable recommendations in connection with refugees and asylum seekers.
14- Observation and attending to the general conditions of refugees and their families in Iran as well as Iranian refugees abroad and to give recommendations through cooperation with other pertinent authorities to improve their conditions.

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