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Issuing First Passport


The following documents are required for individuals, who thus far have never possessed an Iranian Passport (such as a lost one, invalid, expired...) and have not been included as "travelling companion" in the passport of their parents or spouse.


  1. 2 Filled-out copies of the application Form [ 101 ], for the issuance of a first Passport.
  2. Original Iranian Birth Certificate (Shenasname), and photocopies of all the pages of the Birth Certificate(This document must contain an ID photo for those above 15 years of age. For Iranians above 15 years of age, whose Birth Certificate lacks an ID photo, it is first necessary to apply for a [replacement of a 15 year old Birth Certificate] or for an [ID photo inclusion in Birth Certificate]
  3. Original  Residence Permit card (IND issued document) & a photocopy .
  4. Three 3x4cm passport photos taken within the past six month, (Including a full face, front view, open eyes, a plain white background & without a hat, glasses or neck scarves). According to the regulations of the IRI, women applicants should be wearing head scarves. [Note: Applicant should also remember to include their personal details on the backside of the passport photos.]
  5. Individuals who have illegally exited Iran, are also required to append the following documents to their application: 
    c) A filled out  Form [ 109 ], for investigation of illegal exit
    d) A filled out  Form [ 110 ], for granting exiting permission for illegal passing 
    foreign resident.
  6. Original and photocopy of the Certificate of Completion of Military Service or Exemption from Service, or filling out Form#104 for granting permission to exit once a year(for those required to do Military service and those born after 1338 (1959) who have not yet done their service and are not in possession of any Exemptions and have left the country before 29 of Esfand 1382 (March 2003) and for a stay of 2 years abroad. )


PLEASE NOTE:  Personal details in the Passport will be arranged and inscribed in English alphabets according to inputs in the forms, are unalterable, & the Embassy will not be responsible for any input mistakes in the forms, leading to incorrect details in the issued the applicants passport.



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