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News > In a letter to UOOSA, Iran slams US unilateral and unlawful sanctions on its space entities

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In a letter to UOOSA, Iran slams US unilateral and unlawful sanctions on its space entities

      I.R of Iran's Permanent Mission to UN and other International Organizations in Vienna submitted the letter of the Director of Iranian Space Agency to the Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) regarding US unlawful and illegal Sanctions against the Agency, Iran Space Research Center, and Aerospace Research Institute.


     The letter emphasized that all three mentioned sanctioned entities have mandate and responsibilities to cover and support civilian peaceful applications of space.


     While denouncing US action which is in clear contradiction with the principle of international space law, the letter reminded that as Iran is among the countries prone to natural disasters such as earthquake, flooding, etc., it is struggling for prevention of these disasters and mitigation of their effects through space science and technology.


      In this letter, Iran also regreted the negative affection of the US recent action on Iran's readiness in the relevant international fora such as COPUOS and APSCO for international cooperation with other countries in designing, manufacturing and launching or even purchasing satellites.


     The letter specified that: "the Islamic Republic of Iran as a party to Liability Convention (1967), Rescue Agreement (1968), and signatory to Outer Space Treaty (1967) has always emphasized on the mere peaceful exploration and the use of outer space and prevention of arms race in this area. We expect our legitimate rights on access to space and to have peaceful space activities be respected by all members of the COPUOS."


       At the end, the letter called all UN Member States to strongly condemn the recent U.S illegal and illegitimate sanctions on Iran's space entities and asked the UNOOSA to emphasize on refraining from promulgating and applying any measures that impede the peaceful activities in space in its communication with member states and in COPUOS sessions.

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