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News > Statement At the 51st Session of the Preparatory Commission of CTBTO

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Statement At the 51st Session of the Preparatory Commission of CTBTO

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Madam Chair, Dear Colleagues,

I also join the previous speakers and express our condolences on the sad demise of the Permanent Representative and Ambassador of Austria.

Let me beginby sincerely appreciating you, Madam Ambassador Maria Sabbatini, forchairing this session of the Preparatory Commission, and for all your efforts and the endeavors of your colleagues for leading the process in a way to get to a resoundingly constructive outcome in the interest of all of us. I would like to assure you of my delegation’s continued full support in the deliberations at this session.

I would also like to extend my delegation’s gratitude to the Executive Secretary, Dr. Lassina Zerbo for his efforts, and for his opening statement and report on the verification and non-verification related activities. My delegation’ appreciation also goes to all his colleagues at the Provisional Technical Secretariat for their works.

Associating with the statement of the Group of 77 and China, delivered by Ecuador, I would like to add a few points in my national capacity.

Madam Chair,

My delegation takes note of the reports of the progress made during the past months on the verification and non-verification related fields of activities. While appreciating the Secretariat in this regard, I would also like to commend the Chairs of the two Working Groups and the Advisory Group for their leadership during this period. I would like to reiterate the established position of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially with regards to, inter-alia, promoting a balanced approach and appropriate allocation of resources among the three pillars of the verification regime, as well as improving the capacity of States Signatories, in particular developing countries in this regard.

On a procedural note, my delegation believes that changing the established practice of consideration of the reports of the subsidiary bodies would open a Pandora Box, which, down the road, would lead up to a possible spiral re-opening of already agreed languages, and at the end of the day, would not be in the interest of State Signatories.

On the issue of involvement of the Preparatory Commission and the PTS in different activities at the regional and international levels, especially with regard to civil and scientific applications of the potentials of the verification system, and by utilizing the scientific and civil capabilities inherent in the verification technologies, including on the issue of establishing mobile stations, my delegation is of the opinion that it’s not the matter of Judgment on the intention of the PTS and its leadership, but it is, indeed, a matter of observing a discipline envisaged by the Treaty, the Protocol, the Establishing Resolution, as well as the decisions of the State Signatories in the Preparatory Commission.

On this account, my delegation believes that:

  • First, the use of IMS data and IDC products should support the development and testing of a verification system for the CTBT at entry into force;
  • And, second, requests for the use of IMS data and IDC products, as well as the verification technologies, for scientific and civil applications should be considered by the Preparatory Commission.

On the consideration of the issue of membership to the Advisory Group, while being of the opinion that there is enough rules and regulations in this regard, my delegation is ready to constructively engage in the relevant discussions, and would like to stress that the outcome of such deliberations should not compromise the inter-governmental nature of the Preparatory Commission and its subsidiary bodies.

On the issue of “Developing guidelines for holding extraordinary session of the Preparatory Commission”, my delegation is looking forward to further discuss these guidelines in order to reach consensus, and, at this stage, would like to raise a few basic elements to be considered in the relevant deliberations, including:

  • First, according to the Rules of Procedure, it is upon the States Signatories of the Treaty to decide on the convening of possible extraordinary meeting(s);
  • Second, the Vienna spirit and the principle of consensus should prevail in any decision-making process;
  • Third, the preparatory nature of the Prep.Com and the mandate under which it is established and works, should be strictly observed;
  • Fourth, the modalities adopted and used in other int’l organizations may be used as good practices; and
  • Fifth, in any formulation and/or modalities, the sense of “urgency” should of paramount importance.

One last point, on the issue of the Group of MESA, my delegation has raised again and again its position on this issue, along with several other delegations, in almost every occasions, and now again, let me reiterate it for the record, that my delegation’s position about the illegitimate regime of Israel is well-known, and that its political situation in the Middle East is also an undeniable fact, and this body is not unique in this sense. Engaging with this issue in this body is a non-starter for my delegation.

Madam Chair,another point was raised here that I would like to address it; it was said that the CTBT is the cornerstone of International non-proliferation regime. We support the importance of the Treaty in the context of disarmament and non-proliferation; however, we hope that this position is not aimed at weakening the NPT, which is the recognized cornerstone of the non-proliferation regime.

To conclude, Madam Chair, my delegation would like to, once again, salute your determination and stewardship during the past year, and assure you of the full cooperation of my delegation in achieving what deems to be optimal for all of us.


I thank you Madam Chair.

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