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News > Statement by the Delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran before the 47th Session of the UNIDO Industrial Development Board

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Statement by the Delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran before the 47th Session of the UNIDO Industrial Development Board




The Delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Before the 47th Session of the UNIDO Industrial Development Board (IDB)

– 3 July 2019


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Mr. President

At the outset, let me congratulate you, H.E. Ambassador Senen Florensa Palau, Permanent Representative of Spain, on your election, as the President of the 47th session of IDB and other members for their elections to the bureau of this session. I wish you all successes in presiding over our deliberations in this session. My delegation fully trusts on your able leadership and is ready to cooperate with you constructively during this session. We hope that this session will come to a positive and productive outcome. 

I would also like to express our appreciation for the outgoing President, Her Excellency Ms. Faouzia Mebarki, ambassador and permanent representative of Algeria and outgoing members of bureau for their outstanding work done during the previous session.

We take note of the introductory statement delivered by Mr. LI Yong, Director General of UNIDO and would like to thank him and his staff as well as the Secretariat for their noteworthy efforts in leading and fulfilling the Organization’s mandate.

We welcome the succession of new members to the UNIDO in particular the new membership of State of Palestine. We call upon the Secretariat and donor countries to support industrial development in occupied Palestine territories.

My delegation associates itself with the statements delivered by Egypt on behalf of the Group of 77 and China, and would like to add the following points on its national capacity and on different agenda items:

The Islamic Republic of Iran takes note of the annual report of the Director General for 2018, contained in document IDB.47/2. We express our satisfaction over the various initiatives, activities and programs implemented by the UNIDO during 2018.The Islamic Republic of Iran maintains that UNIDO is the central International specialized agency on sustainable industrial development issues.

In this regard, we express our contentment on the efforts taken by UNIDO to promote Inclusive and sustainable Industrial Development (ISID), and to strengthen partnership, technical assistance, cooperation and knowledge sharing among member states and relevant stakeholders, as well as relentless exertions made to incessantly indorse and facilitate increasing South – South, North – South and triangular cooperation.In particular, we praise the UNIDO for technical assistance and capacity-building initiatives, provided especially those focused on developing countries. 

We also welcome the imperative role and contribution of UNIDO in promoting development in its different aspects worldwide, such as Global Manufacturing and Industrialization, Climate Change and environmental issues, Green industries, Global Clean Tech Innovation Programme. For that reason, we express our gratitude for convening high-level conferences in those subjects.    

Mr. President

Taking into account the progress made in implementation of the Country Programmes around the world during the past year, we comfy with the increased mobilized financial resources for UNIDO’s services as well as the Country Programmes (CPs).  We appreciate the completion of the Pilot phase of Country Programmes in 2018 and the implementation of the Programmes for Country Partnership (PCP) and looking forward to have before us the mid – term review for them .

We also take note of the mid – term review of the Medium – term Programme Framework, 2018 – 2021. In this regard, we welcome the integration of the organizational theory of change into the four core functions of the Organization, explicitly technical cooperation; policy analysis and advice; norms and standard-related activities; and convening and partnerships, to support the inclusive and sustainable industrialization of countries at a systematic scale.

We strongly believe that among the four-core function of the UNIDO, technical cooperation and transfer of modern technologies to developing countries are of paramount importance, hence, we request the Director General and the Secretariat to facilitate and assist member states, in particular developing counties, through providing technical assistances and expertise as well as  fostering , in line with national needs and priorities, the transfer of know-how and technology on mutually agreed terms. 

In this context, the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Green technologies are among main topics of cooperation between the UNIDO and Member States. For that reason, we request the Secretariat toremain in consistent get-together with Member States through more regular discussionsand to organize briefings that are more technical, in order to elucidate concepts such as circular economy and the fourth industrial revolution, taking into account the essentials of developing countries. 

Mr. President

We share the deep concern raised by group G77 and China over the alarming financial situation of the Organization, which has the prospective to affect harmfully the Secretariat’s operations and major programme activities and eventually for an operative and effectual performance of UNIDO’s mandate. We believe that there is an urgent need to find a resolution to tackle the challenge of Unutilized Balances (UBs) arising from late payments. We call upon the Secretariat to further access Member States on the unutilized balances. We are of the view that Conclusion 2019/6 is a positive step and look forward to see its results for the next biennium.

We also call upon the Secretariat to clarify the impact of such a decrease on the performance of the Organization, and to further consult with Member States on methods to facilitate the payment of the assessed contributions.

We acknowledge and commend the hard work of the Director General and the Secretariat in approaching to former Member States to clear their respective outstanding assessed contributions and encourage them to maintain their efforts in order to secure the resources in order to upgrade the financial situation of the Organization.

We request the Secretariat to inform Member States what measures have been taken to collect outstanding arrears.  We call upon the United States to make payments on its arrears, including advances to the Working Capital Fund, in order to allow the Organization to carry out its mandate and support the industrial development efforts of developing countries.

We also strongly condemn and share our concern over the negative impact of politically motivated, illegal and illegitimate unilateral economic and financial coercive measures and sanctions imposed by the US and others against some targeted countries in developing countries, which dramatically impede the UNIDO in accomplishment of its mandate and joint projects financially there.

We also welcome the on-going initiatives by the Secretariat with respect to prioritizations and identification of efficiencies, however, we stress that these measures and the subsequent savings should not hinder sustaining synergies between Headquarters and field offices, as well as, amongst departments, while ensuring effective and efficient realization of technical cooperation programmes.  

The Islamic Republic of Iran would like to appreciate and endorse efforts undertaken by H.E Maria Assunta Accili, Permanent Representative of Italy, on steering the informal consultations on UNIDO´s programme and budget, 2020-2021, as well as the Secretariat for their exertion towards this undertaking to reach a consensus-based agreement regarding the Budget. We call upon all delegations to show flexibility to achieve consensus. We hope to will be able reach a consensus during this session.


Mr. President

We take note of the report on the Annual update on the Third Industrial Development Decade for Africa (IDDA III), as contained in the document IDB.47/4-PBC.35/4. The Islamic Republic of Iran fully supports the goals envisaged for the third decade of sustainable and industrial development of African countries and expresses its appreciation for the activities done by the UNIDO in the field of technical assistances to aid the least developed countries.

We maintain our firm position with regard to the need to enhance the geographical distribution across all positions of the Secretariat, but not at the cost of competence and experience. 

We take note of decision taken in document IDB.46/l.11 at the 46th session of the Industrial Development Board, regarding organizing the 18th session of the UNIDO General Conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) from 3-7 November 2019. We also take note of the report of the Director General as contained in document IDB.47/27. We request the Director General to continue his consultations with the Host Country with a view to ensuring full and equal participation of all delegations in the General Conference, including by issuing timely entry visa to all delegates.  


Mr. President,

We thank the UNIDO for implementing joint projects and drafting proposal for new projects in Iran in different areas, in the framework of country program 2017-2021, as reflected in the Report, including in clean energy and industrial energy efficiency, which would contribute to the long-term energy-efficiency strategy.

Taking note of the progress took place in implementation of the Iran’s Programme Country 2017-2021, we have already started working with the UNDO,s relevant departments to help them in drafting the mid- term review for this program due to be finalized in September 2019.


Taking into account the very high-level expertise, infrastructures and potentials existing in my country in different areas, the Islamic Republic of Iran is determined and has expressed its full readiness to expand its cooperation with UNIDO in all feasible areas of collaboration.


The main target of government is tomaximize the use of new technologies for industrial development and to help small and medium-sized enterprises in different industries to better communicate and engage more with regional and international companies and organizations.


In this vein, there are numerous economic opportunities and capacities in Iran, which can be utilized by different countries with the help of UNIDO. To reach that end my delegation would like to put forward the following observations:

  • Unlawful withdrawal of US from JCPOA and consequent illegal and illegitimate unilateral coercive economic sanctions, in contradiction to international law and UNSC Resolution 2231, amounts to economic terrorism, which highlights the importance of UNIDO responsibility to protect its members. We condemn such unlawful measures, which are in clear breach of international law and international humanitarian and human rights law in strongest term and call the international community and member states to take appropriate legal and practical measures to oppose such politically motivated and ill-intended biased actions.     
  • There is a need to review and assess the projects identified in the 5-year UNIDO country program document in Iran in terms of budget and support of UNIDO as to enable it to be fully operationalized.
  • There is a necessity for providing sufficient budget needed to continue the energy efficiency project that has been piloted through the GEF Global Fund and has achieved the desired results in five energy industries. Implementing this project in other industries of the country can have a huge impact on reducing energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions and environmental pollutants.
  • Sufficient financial support of UNIDO in implementation of Sustainable Development Project for Rock Industries in Iran and trilateral agreement signed between Iran-UNIDO and the Austrian Institute of Technology is crucial.
  • We encourage the UNIDO in setting up a South - South Industrial Cooperation Center in Iran through the recruitment and networking of financial assistance centers.

I thank Mr. President

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