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News > Statement by Ambassador Gharibabadi to the 35th Session of the UNIDO Programme and Budget Committee

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Statement by Ambassador Gharibabadi to the 35th Session of the UNIDO Programme and Budget Committee

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Mr. Chairperson,

It is an honor for me to address the 35th session of the UNIDO’s Programme and Budget Committee. H.E. Mr Karoly Dan, ambassador and Permanent Representative of Hungary, since this is the first time that my delegation takes the floor, allow me at the outset to congratulate you for assuming the Chairmanship of the current session and also to other newly elected members of the bureau for their election and let me assure you of my delegation’s full support and cooperation during this session.

Allow me also to thank your predecessor, H.E. Mr SHI Zhongjun, former Ambassador and Permanent Representative of China and the members of outgoing bureau for the excellent work done.

I also wish to thank the Secretariat for their relentless efforts to prepare the documents necessary for our work and for organizing briefings on various issues to be addressed during this year’s PBC.


Mr. Chairperson,

We associate ourselves with the statement of G77 and China, delivered by H.E. Ambassador Omar Amer Youssef, Permanent Representative of Egypt and wish to add some other comments and observations at our national capacity as follow:

My delegation takes note of the Report by the Director General on the Financial Situation of UNIDO as contained in document IDB.47/4- PBC.35/4.

We share our deep concern over the alarming financial situation of the Organization, which has the prospective to affect harmfully the Secretariat’s operations and major programme activities and eventually for an operative and effectual performance of UNIDO’s mandate.

We believe that there is an urgent need to find a solution to tackle the issue of Unutilized Balances (UBs) arising from late payments. We urge the member states to positively consider the draft decision submitted in this regard with a view to finalize it at this session of the PBC. We also call upon the Secretariat to further access Member States and consult them on this important matter.

We acknowledge and commend the hard work of the Director General and the Secretariat in approaching former Member States to clear their respective outstanding assessed contributions and encourage them to maintain their efforts in order to secure the resources to upgrade the financial situation of the Organization. In this regard, We request the Secretariat to inform Member States on measures that have been taken to collect outstanding arrears.  We also call upon the United States to make payments on its arrears, including advances to the Working Capital Fund, in order to allow the Organization to carry out its mandate. It’s worth mentioning that withdrawal of a member state from the international organizations does not constitute any legitimate right for not paying its arrears.

Mr. Chairperson,

We also strongly condemn and share our deep concern over the negative impact of politically motivated, illegal and illegitimate unilateral economic and financial coercive measures and sanctions imposed by the US against some   developing countries including the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is in vivid contradiction to the UN Charter, International law and international human rights law, which will have harmful impact on the work of the UNIDO in full accomplishment of its mandate.

We thank the Secretariat for continuing initiatives with the aim to advance the Organization’s financial situation and to prioritizing and identifying efficiencies; nonetheless, we maintain that these measures and the savings should not hamper sustaining synergies between different key bodies of the organization, while safeguarding effective and efficient realization of technical cooperation programmes.

Mr. Chairperson,

We carefully took note of the proposed Programme and Budgets 2020-2021 as contained in the document PBC.35/5-IDB.47/5, which lined up the programme priorities and results framework to UNIDO´s Medium Term Programme Framework (MTPF) 2018-2021.

We identify that the Program and budgets 2020-2021 continues as a budget in evolution and urge the Secretariat to remain in close dialogue with the United Nations to fine-tune the budget completely and to inform the Member States in due course of the time on the progress made.

We believe that an increase in the regular budget should be well adjusted with a balanced rise in the contributions to UNIDO´s technical assistant cooperation programmes. Hence, we emphasize that any increase in the regular budget should not be at the outlay of the budgetary allocations for the core activities in Major Program C.

Mr. Chairperson,

We have understood that in direction to commence the proposed programmes, the limited resources available to the UNIDO will need to be increased by 3.6 million Euros, which amounts to 2.7 per cent in the regular budget, 3.2 million of which are for UNIDO’s contribution to the United Nations Resident Coordinator (UNRC) system. It should be ensured that increasing in contribution to the United Nations Resident Coordinator system will not have negative impact in budgetary allocations for the core activities in Major Program C.

We also have noted the decrease in the scale of assessed contributions for a number of Member States, and ask the Secretariat to provide us with further information on the matter during the session.

Mr. Chairperson,

With Regard to Major Programme D, the Islamic Republic of Iran, take notes and acknowledges the valuable efforts taken by the Director General in enhancing the human resources management of the Organization. Nevertheless, we would like to echo the concern raised by the Group77 and China and others regarding the persistent imbalanced geographical representation in the higher-ranking and professional categories in UNIDO, s staff. We request the Director General to double his exertions to employ and endorse professionals from inadequately represented regions and countries and to have more consultations with regional groups and member states accordingly.

I thank you Mr. Chairperson.

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