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News > Statement by Mr. Mohammad Reza Ghaebi At the Joint Meeting of the Reconvened Sessions of the 61th CND and the 27th CCPCJ

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Mr. Mohammad Reza Ghaebi

Statement by Mr. Mohammad Reza Ghaebi At the Joint Meeting of the Reconvened Sessions of the 61th CND and the 27th CCPCJ

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


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Distinguished co-chairs,

My delegation appreciates Ambassador Buenrosto and Ambassador Bouchaara for their co-chairpersonship of the joint meeting of the two Commissions. We also take note with appreciation of the preparations made by the Secretariat for this joint meeting. 

We align ourselves with the statement delivered by Ecuador on behalf of G77 and China and would like to put forward the following comments and observations in our national capacity:

We underscore the prominence and active role of the ‘open-ended intergovernmental working group in improving the efficiency of governance and financial situation of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’ (FINGOV), and consider it as a valuable apparatus for cultivating prolific consultations and communications between Member States and the Secretariat in matters related to the UNODC. 

While stressing the significance of availability of adequate, foreseeable and unwavering funding for UNODC to boost providing technical assistances to developing countries, upon their request, we note with concern the challenges facing UNODC due to the shortfall in general purpose funding and underlining funding trends affecting the Office ability to efficiently and independently uphold core programmatic functions, in particular normative work and research.


Distinguished co-chairs,

With regard to the annual programme implementation plan for 2020, though thanking the Secretariat for drafting this important document and consulting with the Member states in order to improve the framework and content of it, we are of the view that this Draft is too much general in nature and there is a crucial requirement to come to a document which is more comprehensive, balanced and functional in nature and covers all necessary related areas and features based on the envisaged mandate and agreed policy framework of all relevant UN mechanisms.

To that end, we recommend that instead of singling out some specific countries, there is an essential need that the text has distinct references to the different geographical regions and countries situation. We also believe that there are overbalanced and even unrelated references to the SDGs goals in whole text that may bear in mind that the UNODC is the main organization responsible for fulfilling them which is not true.

For that reason we ask the Secretariat to continue to keep Member States fully involved in the process of finalizing the said Draft and in elaboration of all the coming annual programme implementation plans and throughout the process towards approving these plans, through FINGOV.


Distinguished co-chairs,

We acknowledge that there is a legitimate and joint demand by the Member States from the Secretariat to fully consult with them before introducing and implementing new programs and initiatives and also on ongoing and planned research activities, based on clear mandates and policy guidance provided by the Governing Bodies

We also emphasize the necessity for UNODC to augment effectiveness of its technical assistance programmes and activities, in close consultations with and guidance received from Member States. 

We take note with concern of the information contained in the report of the Executive Director on gender balance and geographical representation within the UNODC and restate our firm position that tangible and justifiable efforts by the Office are still absent to increase representation of developing countries in the staff composition of the Office.

We call upon the Executive Director to draft and present a strategy for equitable geographical representation in the coming formal meetings of the CND and CCPCJ. In this regard, we also appeal FINGOV to continue on a standing agenda item, on a regular basis, to evaluate the progress made by the Office in improving representation from developing countries. 

Finally, we strongly request the Executive Director to increase his evocative exertions to upsurge the representation of developing countries in the Secretariat, including inter alia through the establishment of a balanced geographical representation team at the Executive Director’s office at all levels, to ensure equitable geographical representation, and report on the progress thereon to the Commissions.    

Attachment : CND-CCPCJ2018.pdf ( 225KB )

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